apocolyptic rantings

spider love

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an artist of many fluctuating mediums, primarily tattooing and theatrical design,i.e., masks, costumes, animation, etc. i tend towards a symetry, often exploring duality. antique and modern, innocence and naughtiness, love and hate.
i have strong feelings about these apocolyptic times we live in, that the dominant consumer culture is destroying the worlds communities, people, and nature. the hour is late...
anyway, whenever i can i enjoy a good motorcycle ride out to an abandoned amusement park.
feel free to add me but please don't be offended if i don't add you back. i'm mostly interested in graphic stuff on lj, and my tastes have been known to be narrow. i do peek at most of your journals, if you think i'll like yours drop me a comment. live journal is awesome, i love my lj friends, they have been invaluable.
may we all be blessed with peace, food and good lovin'.