alice star tarot/rose flapper

helluva time getting a good pic.
the star is always nude in the old tarot decks. she pours water, half on land, half in the water(pool of tears). a bird watches from a bush while seven stars glow.
cool that she has many of the same tattoos as i've been doing on jeremy's sleeve.

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helen art benefit!/kids paint giant penis/new corey tat

night of the living dead poster girl tat i did on corey. still a little flakey so i'll replace this as i get a better pic.

more trajedy for helen, her cabin burns to the ground!

we had a work party at helen's over the weekend. worked on her sister's cabin, which helen may have to stay in til we get her a new cabin built.

she came to our neighborhood in the 80's and started building her cabin the same time i started ours. almost complete, her balcony lacked a railing, leading to the tragic accident that has left her paralyzed.

always the rowdiest fun person around, her accident gave even more edge to her terse humor. i bought my first kz1000 motorcycle from helen, who had a lot more hotrod stories of her time on it than i ever notched on my belt.
recently she's had a real full force brewery going at her place, quite the beer arteest. i was planning on drawing her beer label.

here's the gazette front page article from last saturday~

Hamlin woman rebuilding home after fire

HAMLIN, W.Va. - More than 20 years ago, Helen Hervey built a one-room log cabin for herself in Lincoln County. Two weeks ago, she watched her home burn to the ground.

With family and friends by her side, and despite being confined to a wheelchair, she is starting again from scratch.

"2009 is the new 1987," she said.

Hervey, 49, settled in West Virginia in the early 1980s. Originally from Cleveland, she traveled the country on her motorcycle. The friends she made brought her to Lincoln County in the early 1980s, and inspired her to settle in the area.

"I wanted to live the simple life, or at least what I thought was simple," she said. "I was just flabbergasted that, here it was in the 1980s, and there were people living out in the woods, growing their own food [and living off the land].
She began looking for property, and in 1985, she purchased 50 acres outside Hamlin for $5,000.

"After I perused the country, West Virginia was the best place to settle," she said. "It's very hard to communicate to people just how beautiful [this state] is.

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my river is being killed/the worst of my nightmares

me and my son at my cabin back in the 80's

moving back into my old neighborhood in west virginia, i find the worst of my nightmares is realized. when i left in the late 80's we had fought and won to keep strip mining out of our county, tho there was a mine at the head of our watershed and they started a damn up above us on the mud river. oh how nice, a local recreation area for fishing and boating! yeah, right. more like an excuse to pollute more, and remediate flooding the mine would cause.

last year i was thinking to move back and checked out the area on my favorite new technology, google satellite maps! a little south over ther county border and...holey mackerel!!!! the stripmine is humongous!!!! 20 square miles of moonscape!!!

so i find my dying watershed has even been in the news this past season. the carbon global warming controversy hits home quite literally. the battle has been on. they've been allowed to dump the selenium and the mine plans to qudruple again.

guess i'm not just going to get to kick back with my garden and goats as i start getting a frost of grey in my beard.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr gives perhaps the most significant and compelling testimony on mountaintop removal mining I have ever seen, and I hope you will take 10 minutes to watch him describe in his own words - and the words of his late father - exactly what is happening to the Appalachian Mountains.

http://www. ilovemountains. org

“This assessment is validated by the finding of selenium- induced deformities in newly hatched fish collected from Upper Mud River Reservoir in 2007. Clearly, the Mud River ecosystem is a tinderbox on the brink of a major toxic event. It is essential to reduce waterborne selenium concentrations before reproductive toxicity spirals out of control and fish populations collapse. The warning signs are evident. Now is the time to take action.

http://wvhighlands. org/wv_voice/?p=645

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